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Minerals Grinding Ball Mill

Minerals Grinding Ball Mill

Minerals Grinding Ball Mill Introduction The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after it has been crushed. Ball mill is one of the high-fine grinding machines widely used in industrial production. There are many types, such as tube ball mill, rod ball mill, cement ball...

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Minerals Grinding Ball Mill Introduction

The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after it has been crushed.

Ball mill is one of the high-fine grinding machines widely used in industrial production. There are many types, such as tube ball mill, rod ball mill, cement ball mill, ultra-fine laminating mill, hand ball mill, horizontal ball mill, ball mill bush, energy saving. Ball mill, overflow ball mill, ceramic ball mill, lattice ball mill Ball mill is suitable for grinding all kinds of ore and other materials. It is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries. It can be divided into dry and wet grinding methods. According to different mining methods, it can be divided into two types: grid type and overflow type. According to the shape of the cylinder, it can be divided into four types: short tube ball mill, long tube ball mill, tube mill and cone mill.


Structural features of Minerals Grinding Ball Mill

(1) The main bearing adopts large-diameter double-row spherical roller bearing to replace the original sliding bearing, which reduces friction and reduces energy consumption, and the mill is easy to start.

(2) The end cover structure of the ordinary mill is retained, and the large-diameter inlet and outlet ports have a large processing capacity.

(3) The feeder is divided into two types: a combined feeder and a drum feeder. The structure is simple and the body is installed separately.

(4) Without inertial impact, the equipment runs smoothly, and the maintenance time of the mill stop and stop is reduced, and the efficiency is improved.








Grinding ball volume L





Speed r/min





Power kw





Loading volume L






High efficiency

The processing capacity of the ball mill increases with the increase of the filling rate of the steel ball. Increasing the filling rate increases the probability of grinding the ore and the self-grinding effect of the ore. When the ball filling rate is 45%, the ball mill load is the largest, and when it exceeds 45%, the load is greatly reduced as the filling rate increases. This is mainly because as the filling rate increases, the ball throwing point is raised, and the combined action point of the falling of the steel ball accelerates toward and closes to the center of rotation, and the resultant moment is greatly shortened to become a negative value. The load required for the impact torque of the steel ball (mineral) falls from large to zero until it becomes the power to push the cylinder to rotate (that is, the resultant force exceeds the center, and the combined torque is negative).


Development issues

The ball mill configuration is quite expensive: due to the low speed of the ball mill barrel (15 to 25 rpm), expensive gear units are required if driven by a conventional motor.

The production cost is high: the grinding body is also subjected to grinding and peeling while impacting and grinding the material, and the parts such as the liner in the cylinder are also ground and peeled off. Therefore, in the whole cement production process, the crushing operation (raw material preparation, grinding cement) The amount of iron plates consumed is very large. According to analysis, the steel consumption per ton of cement produced is about 1 kg.

Low work efficiency: For example, in the process of producing cement, the electricity used for crushing operations accounts for about 2/3 of the whole plant. According to statistics, the power consumption per ton of cement produced is not less than 70 kWh, but this part The effective utilization rate of electric energy is very low. According to analysis, the power input by the cement ball mill is only a small part of the power consumption of pulverizing materials (doing useful work), about 5% to 7%, and most of the electric energy is consumed in other On the one hand, it is mainly converted into heat and sound energy and disappears. This is a big waste.

Bulk size: The total weight of a large ball mill can be several hundred tons or more, so a one-time investment is bound to be large.

At present, most of the ball mills in China are still in manual manual control, which causes large changes in materials, low grinding efficiency, large unit power consumption, and large loss of steel balls and linings. Moreover, since the grinding state changes greatly, it is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the fineness of the material. Planetary ball mills are designed for crushing, grinding, and dispersing powders and are widely used in laboratory research. The working principle is to grind the material by the high-speed running force in the mill grinding tank. During the turning process, the material is finally subjected to a series of shearing, impacting, rolling, dispersing, etc. to complete the grinding operation. Planetary ball mills have four grinding balls on one turntable. They work with the grinding shaft to rotate, that is, planetary motion. During the movement, the four tanks grind the material by frictional collisions. The mill can select the corresponding friction method according to the size of the abrasive grains of the material, and the final abrasive diameter can be up to 0.1 micron. It can well realize various process parameters and is the first choice for grinding process, new materials and coating research.


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