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Application and structural characteristics of disk type horizontal bead mill

- Sep 17, 2018 -

The disc-type horizontal bead mill is easy to operate and reliable. It is a continuous wet grinding equipment that can run materials to the sub-micron level. The sealing structure of the equipment is double-faced mechanical seal and equipped with a sealed self-lubricating system for reliability and durability.


Combined with the current application situation, the disc-type horizontal bead mill has been widely used in nano materials, coatings, inks, batteries, pigments, color pastes, functional ceramics, cosmetics, drugs, medicines, photovoltaic materials and other industries. The machine is equipped with a built-in motor and the noise is extremely low during operation. The large-capacity cone-shaped grinding chamber is more suitable for the dispersion and ultra-fine grinding of large-volume medium- and high-viscosity products.


Not only that, in the structural design, the grinding beads in the cone cavity of the disc type horizontal bead mill change the reciprocating motion of the grinding beads with the change of the reflection angle, and the disc type bead mill makes the grinding fine. More uniform.

It is cooled by stator, rotor and front end plate, and has a higher expansion cooling area, which is suitable for materials with temperature sensitive products.