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Application range of intermittent ceramic ball mill

- Dec 12, 2018 -

Intermittent ceramic ball mills can be divided into monolithic and free-standing types due to their different structures. The machine adopts dry and wet method for batch operation, which is used for fine grinding of raw materials such as feldspar, quartz, clay, ore, and grinding. The batch ceramic ball mill has the advantages of uniform product fineness and power saving when mixing and grinding the materials.

For the user, the intermittent ceramic ball mill can be dry or wet. And for different production needs, you can choose different liner types. In actual operation, the fineness of the specific grinding operation is controlled by the grinding time. The motor starts from decompression and reduces the starting current, which can reduce production consumption.

For the mixing and grinding of common and special materials, the intermittent ceramic ball mill can meet the production requirements of users. In the production process, the feeder feeds continuously and evenly, and the ore enters the ball mill continuously and uniformly through the combined feeder, and the ground material is continuously discharged from the ceramic ball mill.