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Characteristics and working principle of wet grinding bead mill for ink

- Jan 10, 2019 -

The wet grinding bead mill for ink can be operated at a high speed. The entire grinding operation is performed at a high speed in a fully sealed grinding cylinder with a certain pressure, so there is no problem that the solvent volatilizes the air and ensures the operator's physical and mental health, but also save energy and reduce production costs because there is no solvent evaporation.

The wet grinding bead mill for ink is mainly composed of a fuselage, a main drive, a disperser, a feed pump, a continuously variable transmission, a cooling system, an electric controller and the like. The machine usually adopts the vertical and integral design, which integrates the grinding main machine with the feeding pump and the electric control box, which saves space and is easy to operate. The grinding cylinder is designed as a cooling jacket so that the cooling water can be moved in and out to cool the temperature generated during the grinding operation of the sander.

During the operation of the continuous wet bead mill for ink, the raw materials are subjected to pressure and high-speed rotating cross-linking in the grinding bead gap to produce functions such as emulsification, dispersion, enthalpy, grinding, etc., and can quickly reach the required requirements. Fineness, after grinding, the high-speed rotating hard tungsten steel separation slit is output outside the grinding cylinder for one-cycle grinding operation.