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Correctly fill the grinding media of the Horizontal Bead Mills for Coating

- Oct 15, 2018 -

Before filling the grinding media for the Horizontal Bead Mills for Coating, first understand the service life of the grinding media: to achieve the best efficiency, the medium in use should be replaced and added at the right time, and the broken parts are removed, and the corresponding parts are added. New media. The service life should be based on different material types to find out the law, and replace it at the right time.


Secondly, please pay attention to the precautions when filling the grinding media of the Horizontal Bead Mills for Coating. If the temperature is too high during production, the loading should be reduced to control the grinding temperature in the ideal temperature range. If the product outlet temperature is too low, Consider increasing the media gradually to increase efficiency before increasing speed. The loading amount is about 85% of the volume of the cylinder. The specific loading should be determined according to the particle size of the medium, the sensitivity of the material to temperature, and the material variety.


Finally, to understand the filling, the Horizontal Bead Mills for Coating can use glass balls, zirconia balls and steel balls as grinding media. Each medium should be uniformly filled with a uniform particle size before the medium should be cleaned beforehand. ,filter. The use of a certain medium for grinding is selected according to the fineness and viscosity of the dispersed material. The principle is: the harder the material should be, the harder medium should be selected; the finer the product requirements, the finer the particle size of the medium and the corresponding increase of the loading amount; the coarser particle size of the material to be ground should be coarser.