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Design principle of bead mill for Ink Industry

- Sep 21, 2018 -

The bead mill of the ink industry adopts the eccentric disc grinding structure design, and arranged in order, the grinding medium can obtain the maximum energy transfer, the grinding efficiency is high, and the double-faced with forced cooling mechanical seal has good sealing effect and reliable operation. The separation system uses a large-flow LDC dynamic grid-separator to prevent blockage of the discharge port under high flow conditions.


In the process of bead mill for ink industry, the material enters from the grinding chamber under the action of the feed pump. The design of the inlet is at the end of the driving connection flange, and the flow direction of the material and the mechanical bearing are opposite to the bottom end. The mechanical seal is relieved of pressure and the service life is prolonged. During the high-speed operation of the agitator shaft eccentric disk, the mixture of the material and the grinding medium undergoes efficient relative motion.


As the sand mill of the ink industry continues to operate, the solid particles in the material are effectively dispersed and shear ground, and the final product is obtained after separating the filter through a dynamic large flow rotor gap. Depending on the grinding process of the product, independent batch cycle grinding and series grinding processes can be used.