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Details to be aware of when using a Nano grinding mill

- Oct 29, 2018 -

Nano grinding mill play an increasingly important role in the current nano-new materials and coatings industry, and are increasingly valued by these manufacturers. When producing nano-grinders, it is necessary to check frequently whether the cooling water works, generally The sand mill can achieve good cooling effect by using well water or tap water, but for the Nano grinding mill, we should try to choose the chiller for cooling, so as to achieve better results.


At the same time, we must constantly observe the operation of the Nano grinding mill machine. It should not be overloaded. The material inside the machine should not be too dry. It is necessary to ensure that the machine can be ground normally with the material, so that the quality of the product is guaranteed. In operation, if the machine has abnormal sound and impact sound, The operation should be stopped immediately, the repairman should be notified to perform the repair, and the operation should be resumed after the repair is completed.


During the operation of the Nano grinding mill, the machine needs to be regularly maintained and filled with equipment maintenance records. Finally, while doing the above work, we must also carry out corresponding technical training for our operators. If we have some unnecessary troubles due to our operational mistakes, it will not be worth the loss.