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Dispersion process and selection suggestions for twin shaft high speed disperser

- Jan 03, 2019 -

Dispersing machines have become one of the most commonly used devices in many industries today. The machine features a rugged safety bracket that is electrically adjustable for comfortable operation. The twin shaft high speed disperser can be extended from the laboratory to the actual production, the dispersed particle size distribution is uniform, the stability is high, and it is not thick.

The twin shaft high speed disperser is equipped with a modular dispersing grinding system, so that it can realize dispersion and grinding at the same time. It can be used in a machine to achieve dispersion and grinding applications, and the cost performance is higher. The specific dispersion process is a process of turning the aggregate of materials into original particles by using a high-speed dispersing machine under the action of high-speed shearing force.

We not only pay special attention to the performance and quality of the twin shaft high speed disperser itself, but also provide professional services. Our professional technicians provide professional services according to the needs of the users. According to the actual needs of the customers (sample size, material viscosity and particle size to be obtained), how to choose the right disperser model, dispersing tools, and dispersion operation to provide professional advice.