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Functional characteristics and application advantages of multi-function dispersing machine

- Dec 10, 2018 -

The multi-function dispersing machine can be used for dispersing and stirring of different chemical materials. The machine adopts high-efficiency wet dispersing mixing method. The zigzag dispersing disc runs at high speed, and a turbulent strong shearing zone is formed near the dispersing disc. The material collides with the sharp edge, strongly shears and repeats. Disperse the aggregates, make the material tumbling up and down in the container, air occlusion less, quickly dissolve, disperse, stir, and mix thoroughly into a fine particle mixture.

In the production, the user needs to select a suitable dispersing machine according to the production amount and the viscosity of the material. Combined with the current application, the multi-function dispersing machine is suitable for liquid-liquid, solid-liquid chemical materials, dispersing and stirring, strong shearing, dissolving, paints, coatings, new materials, dyes, inks, pigments, adhesives, resins, and help. Agents, emulsions, pesticides, daily chemicals and other products.

At the same time, the multi-function dispersing machine itself is well-configured, its hydraulic lifting structure is reliable, the lifting is fast and stable, the noise is low, the special sealing design, no oil leakage, durable; the frequency converter speed regulation, low speed start, effectively protect the motor, energy saving and environmental protection.