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Gravity and friction of Energy Saving Intermittent Ball Mill

- Nov 17, 2018 -

The grinding operation of the Energy Saving Intermittent Ball Mill is carried out in a simplified body, and is carried up and raised to a certain height when the cylinder is rotated during the operation. The steel balls in the area are subjected to two forces, which form a pair of couples for the steel balls, since the steel balls are squeezed between the cylinder and the adjacent steel balls. This force is caused by the downward sliding of the steel ball itself due to its own weight.

The force couple of the Energy Saving Intermittent Ball Mill will cause frictional forces of different sizes between the steel balls. When the steel ball rotates with the axis of the cylinder, it will fall from the top and bottom in the area, and the ore in the cylinder will be generated in the area. A powerful impact that breaks the ore. The ore in the barrel of the ball mill is mainly ground by the action of abrasion, impact and squeezing force.