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Horizontal sand mill design process

- Sep 07, 2018 -

The horizontal sand mill is very advanced in the process of design, and it is continuously produced in a closed state. Its products have uniform grinding and dispersion fineness and good quality. The horizontal sand mill has high production efficiency and its materials are produced under sealed condition. This can effectively prevent the dry crust and solvent evaporation of its materials. Double mechanical seal, double protection, zero leakage. The new dynamic separation structure makes the discharge more smooth and less wearing parts.


The horizontal sand mill is equipped with an outer cylinder moving disassembly and assembly to a certain extent, which is very convenient when disassembling or repairing. The equipment feeding pump adopts gear pump or pneumatic diaphragm pump, and the feeding size is convenient to adjust and work performance. reliable. In addition, the horizontal sand mill does not require a special installation foundation, and the installation position can be changed as needed at any time.


The horizontal sand mill has the advantages of high efficiency, strong work continuity, less pollution, automatic and reliable, etc. The grinding chamber is made of high wear-resistant material, and the pressure-powered mechanical piston is used to change the volume of the grinding chamber to adjust the quality of the product. , high-quality materials, smooth operation, widely used in coatings, dyes, inks, photosensitive materials, pesticides, paper and cosmetics industries, high efficiency general-purpose wet ultra-fine grinding and dispersion machinery.