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How can I extend the life of the Pigment Beads Mill Machine?

- Oct 16, 2018 -

In order to prolong the service life of the Pigment Beads Mill Machine, it is necessary to first strengthen the maintenance of the machine. It is not necessary to use the tube during the process of not using it, and it is neither continuously nor maintained. Over time, a layer of ash has fallen on it, which is a kind of harm to the machine itself, and it also endangers the safety of the enterprise.


When we use thePigment Beads Mill Machine to process the materials, the equipment should be cleaned, which is convenient for the next processing of materials, not easy to cause cross-contamination, and also ensure that the equipment will not be blocked; after cleaning the equipment, it is better to lubricate the equipment. Add some lubricating oil to avoid rusting of the spindle and cylinder.


The oil in the box of the Pigment Beads Mill Machine is preferably replaced every six months, and the tank is cleaned regularly; the screen is preferably cleaned once a month; and the use of the Pigment Beads Mill Machine equipment is preferably one year of maintenance. The contactor at the AC is preferably inspected once every six months and replaced appropriately.


We should regularly check for easily damaged parts in the Pigment Beads Mill Machine, such as oil seals, bearings, etc., such as three months or half a year to check, if it is found that the damaged part is replaced in time. For the inner cylinder of the Pigment Beads Mill Machine, it is best to check it once a day.