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Innovative advantages of pesticide horizontal sand mill machine

- Sep 26, 2018 -

Pesticide horizontal sand mill machines have the following advantages over conventional sand mills:


First of all, in the structural design, the stirring disc of the pesticide level sand mill can adopt eccentricity, triple eccentricity or circular structure, arranged in a certain order, which overcomes the shortcomings of uneven distribution of the conventional grinding medium and has high grinding efficiency. Moreover, it is possible to grind a material that is difficult to disperse, or a product that requires high fineness.


Secondly, in practical applications, there is almost no grinding ball in the hollow rotor of the pesticide horizontal sand mill machine. The discharge separator system has no wear, large discharge overflow area, good filtering effect and long working life. Moreover, the two-way sliding mechanical sealing device with coolant has good sealing effect and reliable operation, which ensures the reliability of bearing operation.


Furthermore, pesticide horizontal sand mill machines have a large processing batch size and are suitable for industrial online continuous production. And the quality difference between batch production can be eliminated. During the operation of the equipment, it is stable, high-efficiency and energy-saving, which can cause strong collision and shear between the solid particles and the grinding medium in the material, and achieve the purpose of grinding and dispersing aggregates of the material particles in a short time.