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Installation site and basic configuration of Ink Horizontal Sand Mill

- Oct 18, 2018 -

Before installing theInk Horizontal Sand Mill, first determine the installation position. It is best not to change for a long time. The foundation must be strong. At the same time, the installation location should also take into account the process route, electrical wiring, water supply and drainage piping, operation and maintenance, and ventilation conditions.


Followed by the electrical wiring of the Ink Horizontal Sand Mill, the power supply voltage of the equipment is three-phase 380V, 4-wire system, the user needs to install the cable to the electrical box, the cross-sectional area of this cable should comply with relevant regulations; The fuses are installed on the root path, and the wiring inside the machine has been installed by the manufacturer. The user should connect the “ground” on the device. The direction of operation of the main motor must be in the direction marked by the tail of the machine.


The Ink Horizontal Sand Mill needs to be equipped with cooling water. The cooling water should be kept at a pressure of 0.1-0.2Mpa. If the material to be ground is particularly sensitive to temperature, a refrigerating device can be installed at the inlet end. In order to be able to debug the equipment quickly, in addition to the above-mentioned items to be prepared, the user should prepare the raw materials and pull the cylinder at the production commissioning site, and enter the discharge pipe.