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Main advantages and features of automatic filling machine

- Dec 05, 2018 -

The automatic filling machine can quickly clean and adjust quickly during the operation, and the stepless speed regulation of the volume cylinder action is suitable for filling of different specifications and different liquids. The filling amount of the automatic filling machine is adjusted once, and each volume cylinder can be adjusted slightly, and the filling precision is high and the consistency is good.

The material of the liquid filling part of the automatic filling machine is made of stainless steel and silicone rubber. It conforms to the GMP standard. The imported variable speed motor is stepless speed control to fill the plunger cylinder. It is not only suitable for various water agents, but also suitable for thick and sticky liquids. The imported electromagnetic clutch cooperates with the electromagnetic brake to eliminate inertia and high filling accuracy.

The man-machine interface and PLC communication of the automatic filling machine only need to be set on the screen in the debugging equipment or the replacement type. The bottle feeding, positioning, filling filling and bottle discharging are automatically operated. The equipment will be automatically protected when the bottle is not in place during filling, the bottle is clogged, or the liquid outlet tube is not inserted into the bottle.