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Maintenance of reaction kettle

- Aug 14, 2018 -

(1) Installation: The reactor should be installed in accordance with the requirements of explosion-proof high-pressure operating room, in the equipment of multiple reactors, should be placed separately, each of the application of a safe explosion-proof wall separated, each operating room should have access to the outside and exit, when the existence of explosive media should ensure that the equipment is well ventilated.

(2) After opening the packaging to check the equipment for damage, according to the equipment model according to the structure of the installation of equipment, the parts in accordance with the packing list. Heating mode if the heat conduction oil heating, according to the use of temperature to buy the appropriate type of heat conduction oil (note: Heat conduction oil is absolutely not allowed to contain moisture) to join, when added to the upper part of the jacket to open the fuel mouth and the upper part of the jacket opening. Refueling through the mouth to refuel, when the oil level mouth flow oil can be, after the oil will be screwed to die, do not put the fuel mouth screwed to avoid pressure.

(3) The installation and sealing of kettle body and kettle lid: The kettle body and the kettle cover use the gasket or cone contact with the arc surface, by tightening the main nut to make them each other tight, achieve good sealing effect. Tighten the nut, must be diagonal symmetry, several times gradually afterburner tightening, force even, do not allow the kettle cover to the side tilt to achieve good sealing effect. When tightening the main nut, shall not exceed the specified tightening torque 40~120n. M range to prevent the sealing surface from being squeezed or overloaded and worn. On the sealing surface should be special care, each installation with a relatively soft paper or cloth will be the upper and lower sealing surface wipe clean, special attention should not be the kettle body, the kettle cover seal face scar. If reasonable operation, can use more than tens of times. After the sealing surface is damaged, it is necessary to process the restoration to achieve good sealing performance. When removing the kettle lid, the kettle cover should be lifted up and down slowly to prevent the sealing surface between the kettle body and the kettle lid from colliding with each other. If the seal is the use of gaskets (PTFE, aluminum pad, copper mat, asbestos mat, etc.) sealed, by tightening the main nut will be able to achieve good sealing effect.

(4) Valve, pressure gauge, safety valve installation by tightening the positive and negative nut, that is, to achieve the effect of sealing, the connection between the two sides of the circular arc seal should not be relative rotation, all screw joints in the assembly, must apply lubricant or oil mixed graphite, so as not to bite dead. Valve use: Needle valve line seal, only to gently rotate the valve needle, pressure tight cover that can achieve good sealing performance, prohibit excessive force, so as to avoid damage to the sealing surface.