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Process performance of high speed double shaft disperser

- Jan 21, 2019 -

The high speed double shaft disperser has been favored by consumers because of its stable and good working performance and very mature technology. At the same time, high speed double shaft disperser is also one of the very extensive production equipment used. This equipment is suitable for the production process of material dispersion, mixing and blending in various chemical industries (such as ink, paint, paint, pigment, etc.).

In the actual operation, the high speed double shaft disperser can independently and efficiently disperse various materials that are easy to disperse and have low fineness requirements, and simultaneously mix and produce the products directly. The dispersing impeller of the machine has a zigzag shape, and when the dispersing impeller rotates in the slurry at a high speed, the slurry in the cylinder is vigorously turned.

Therefore, during the operation of the High speed double shaft disperser, the material particles are subjected to strong impact and shearing, and then rapidly dispersed into particles, and the agitating blades are manufactured according to the size of the material cylinder, so that the materials at the bottom of the material cylinder can be obtained and fully dispersed to meet production process requirements.