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Product advantages and use process of industrial paint bead mill

- Oct 09, 2018 -

The industrial paint bead mill is a finely divided device made of stainless steel or ceramic material with a certain number of steel balls or porcelain balls. When the tank rotates, due to the friction between the spheres and between the sphere and the tank wall, the spheres rise to a certain height with the tank wall and then fall down in a parabolic manner, thereby causing impact and grinding on the material and making the material height. Smash. It is mainly used in the grinding of high viscosity liquid materials such as paints, inks, pigments and adhesives.


The advantages of the industrial paint bead mill are the new turbine structure, high energy density, high grinding efficiency and low energy consumption. At the same time, there is a dynamic discharge structure, which is suitable for a wide range of viscosity; high energy density and uniform distribution, so that the grinding particle size It has a narrow distribution; it also has excellent cooling performance to ensure that the material temperature is not too high; and an independent electric control box, optimized process control system, and more stable operation.


Before using the industrial bead mill, make preparations before the test, check whether the components are installed firmly, and the rotation direction of each machine should be in the direction indicated by the arrow; check whether the cooling water is smooth, and the V-belt adjustment is suitable for restarting. After working for 50 hours, adjust again.


Then, the grinding medium is added from the top of the barrel of the industrial paint bead mill, the feed pump is started first, and the material is to be discharged on the top screen before the main machine is started. After parking for a long time, when starting again, it cannot be forced to start, so as not to damage the electrical appliance and the body.