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Sand mill for coating machine installation and maintenance

- Dec 24, 2018 -

When the sander is used in paint processing operations, it is required to place the equipment on a solid and flat foundation surface, which can be placed at any time without the need for anchoring of the anchor screws. It should be noted that, at the time of installation, the sand mill should be used for the distance around the paint equipment to maintain a distance of more than 1 meter for operation and maintenance and the introduction of water and electricity.

When selecting the power supply, the user needs to match the corresponding power line according to the specific model of the sanding machine used for the coating equipment, and it is recommended to install the fuse on each line. The motor steering is rotated clockwise (referring to the person standing at the rear of the fuselage, looking in the direction of the barrel), the main motor can be jogged at the initial installation, and the steering should be consistent with the direction of the sign. Turn on the cooling water pipe, tighten the joints, and add a shut-off valve before the total water inlet to control the water volume. Users can connect hoses or pipes according to their own site conditions.

When the sander is used for paint running, the user needs to pay attention to check the circulation of the lubricating fluid at any time and actively handle it. Also pay attention to the circulation of the cooling water. Note that the lubricating oil of the steel ball inorganic transmission should not be lower than the neutral position on the oil mark. The sand mill is used for the coating machine to be cleaned and repaired once in a year or so.