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Sand mill preparation

- Aug 27, 2018 -

Before the sand mill is operated, it is necessary to prepare the test before the test. Check the installation of each component to a certain extent. The direction of rotation of each machine should be in the direction indicated by the arrow to check whether the cooling water is smooth. The V-belt adjustment is suitable for restarting, and after 50 hours of operation, it is adjusted again.

The sander adds the grinding medium from the top of the cylinder, and starts the feeding pump when the operation is performed. The input material is to be discharged on the top screen before the main machine can be started. After a long time of parking, when restarting, the solid particles and the grinding medium in the material are often settled to “clamp” the disperser, especially when the viscous material is at a lower temperature, the “brake” phenomenon is particularly serious. At this time, when the jog motor cannot be started, the application hand is supplemented by the spindle pulley "crank" to input a small amount of solvent having the ability to dissolve the material, so that the material is loosened and then started. In short, you can't force it to start, so as not to damage the appliance and the body.

The sander has a longer parking time and should clean the material dried by the screen. The disperser is cleaned and can only be rotated slightly and intermittently because the disperser and the grinding media are very easy to wear and break in the fast running in the cleaning solution. When using new grinding media, it should be sieved to remove foreign matter such as foreign matter fragments.