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Simple classification and characteristics of Horizontal Bead Mill Pearl Mill

- Oct 19, 2018 -

Horizontal bead mill pearl mill is a kind of high efficiency wet superfine grinding widely used in non-metallic mineral industry such as paint, dye, paint, ink, medicine, magnetic powder, ferrite, photographic film, pesticide, paper and cosmetics. Dispersing machinery. According to the structure, it can be divided into ordinary horizontal bead mill, wheel pin horizontal bead mill, toothed disc horizontal bead mill and turbine horizontal bead mill.


Compared with the traditional grinding equipment, the horizontal bead mill pearl mill has the advantages of high efficiency, strong work continuity, less pollution, reliable self-control, low cost, compact structure, generous shape, convenient use and maintenance, etc. Very practical.


The horizontal bead mill pearl mill is mainly designed for pre-dispersion and fine dispersion of high-viscosity materials. It can be used in a single machine. It can be used in conjunction with a three-roll mill. It can also be used in conjunction with a fully automatic production line. Ideal for printing inks and high viscosity materials.


The horizontal bead mill pearl bead mill is controlled by PLC and is equipped with graphic simulation production and touch screen; tapered grinding chamber and ladder-shaped rotor, designed for grinding high-viscosity materials; advanced inside The cooling device effectively dissipates the heat generated by the grinding chamber under high viscosity operating conditions. All imported German mechanical seals and lip seals completely solve the stubborn disease of the grinding chamber in the high viscosity working condition, so as to achieve the best dispersion effect.