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Specification for installation and operation of Reaction kettle

- Aug 14, 2018 -

1, high-pressure kettle should be placed indoors. When equipped with multiple autoclave, should be placed separately.

Each operating room should have a direct outlet to the outside or the passageway, should ensure the equipment location ventilation is good.

2, in the installation of the kettle lid, should prevent the kettle body cover between the sealing surface bump. The kettle cover is placed carefully on the body of the kettle according to the fixed position, and the main nut must be tightened up several times by diagonal and symmetrical.

Force to even, do not allow the pot cover to the side of the tilt to achieve good sealing effect.

3, the positive and negative nut joint, only the positive and negative nut, the two circular arc sealing surface should not be relative to the rotation, all nut-grain joints have assembly, should be coated lubricants.

4, needle-type valve line seal, only gently rotate the valve needle, pressure tight cover, you can achieve good sealing effect.

5, with the hands of the rotating kettle on the body, check whether the operation is flexible.

6, the controller should be flat on the operating table, its working environment temperature of 10-40 ℃, relative humidity is less than 85%, the surrounding medium does not contain conductive dust and corrosive gases.

7, check the panel and the movable parts on the back plate and fixed contact is normal, pumping open the lid, check the connection is loose contact, whether there is due to transport and custody of poor damage or rust.

8, the controller should be reliable grounding.

9. Connecting all the wires, including the power cord, the electric stove line between the controller and the kettle, the motor line and the temperature sensor and the speed-measuring wire.

10, the panel on the "Power" air total switch closed, digital display table should be displayed.