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Testing the heating device of the nano sand mill

- Sep 06, 2018 -

The test nano sand mill is a special favorite of the chemical industry and the coating industry to a certain extent. It can not only grind large particles of products, but also be very delicate for the products that are ground. The sand mill has the advantages of high production efficiency, low cost, strong persistence and high-grade product fineness. The sand mill has nano sand mill, horizontal sand mill, vertical sand mill, etc., and different industries have exclusive The sander works. There are many different mechanisms for sanders.


The mechanical seal of the test nano-sand mill can be used as a pressure-impedance device. The tapered grinding chamber and the gap stirrer are mounted under the frame to ensure the transmission of energy through the V-shaped leather belt; the processing area of the sand mill is small. It can reduce the cross-contamination of the product; the grinding chamber is made of high wear-resistant material; the control panel is integrally embedded in the machine frame. The nano sand mill has a high production capacity.


The rotating spindle of the test nano-sand mill has a multi-layered disc, the barrel portion of which is provided with cooling or heating means, and the qualified slurry passes through a filtering gap or a sieve hole smaller than the particle size of the grinding medium; Zirconia beads are used as grinding media, zirconia beads are high in hardness and easy to clean; horizontal sanders have dispersion and mixing effects, and are suitable for grinding dyes, pigments, paints, pharmaceuticals and other suspensions or suspensions. Different sanders have different structures, but the final production results are the most satisfactory in the grinding equipment.