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The advantages of the basket sand mill

- Sep 05, 2018 -

The self-priming pump blades of the basket sander rotate at high speed to generate powerful suction force and eddy current, so that the material can be sucked into the grinding basket, and the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the dispersing disc can be extracted from the material sucked from the grinding basket. Accelerate the dispersion of materials to form a highly efficient dispersion of materials.

Basket sander operating efficiency

Self-priming pump blade rotates at high speed → extremely fine grinding in the grinding basket → high-speed rotation of the dispersion disc → discharge, dispersion, high efficiency circulation, solves the problem of material turning, avoids cycle dead angle, and can obtain excellent grinding effect in a short time. .

After the grinding of the basket sand mill, the grinding basket needs to be raised above the liquid level during the operation.

Perform a short run and use centrifugal force to remove the remaining material.

The advantages of the basket sander

1. Dispersion and grinding in one, the two processes are completed by one process and one equipment.

2. Due to the use of dispersing discs and pumping vanes, high viscosity materials also have a good flow rate.

3. Easy to clean the grinding basket for quick material change.

4. No pumps or pipes are needed.

5. The fluid-engineered pump blades ensure no dead ends during the production process.

6. Hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical lifting can be adopted according to user requirements, and the rack operation is reliable and stable.

7. Advanced frequency conversion control can realize stepless speed regulation.

8. Get the desired result in a short time.