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The maintenance of dispersing machine

- Aug 14, 2018 -

1, the triangle belt should be equal in length, put into the transmission box, elastic appropriate, tighten the skateboard bolts, cover the upper cover.

2, if the long-term parking equipment, you need to cut off the power supply, all scrub clean, lubricating parts of the oil, spindle and oil cylinder oil antirust.

3, oil tank with 46# hydraulic oil, replace every six months and clean the fuel tank, screen cleaning once a month, after two or three days to clean the oil.

4. The gear, bearing, ball, shaft and sleeve of the rotating part of the dispersing machine and the oil cylinder are injected once a week, and the overheating or abnormal noise should be checked in time during the use.

5, such as overloading and thermal relay action to cause parking, you need to press the thermal relay of the "Reset " button, before you can continue to operate.

6, the AC contactor every six months inspection, equipment use one year overhaul.

7, the dispersing machine periodically check dispersing machine vulnerable parts, such as bearings, oil seals, etc., found that there is wear immediately replaced.

8, every day must touch the dispersing machine to check once, and seriously make a good touch pot record.

9, when the blade diameter is D, the container diameter to take 3.4-3.9d, blade from the ground height 0.5-0.7d, charging height 2.4-3d, can achieve good dispersion effect.

10, column and stirring shaft to be regularly added lubricating oil, the general refueling once per class.

11, the transmission triangle Belt irregular inspection.