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The role of sand mill in the production of paint industry

- Feb 13, 2019 -

The sand mill in the coating industry is mainly used in the coatings and other industries, and belongs to a wet grinding machine that realizes grinding and dispersion.The machine produces a material mixed slurry by stirring, dispersing and sanding the materials and various auxiliaries, and finally obtaining the finished paint product after blending.The entire process directly affects the quality of the finished paint product, so the choice of sand mill in the paint industry is very important in paint production.

In practical applications, the sand mill in the paint industry runs stably and has high production efficiency, which can reduce production costs for users.

In the structural design, the horizontal sand mill structure is generally adopted. Due to the horizontal layout of the dispersing shaft, the main motor is at the bottom of the fuselage, and the center of gravity of the whole machine is low, so the operation is more stable, and the cleaning and maintenance is more convenient.

In short, in the coating industry production, the sand mill in the coating industry is one of the key production equipment, which can make the solid particles and the grinding medium in the material produce more intense collision, friction and shearing action to accelerate the grinding. Fine particles and the purpose of dispersing aggregates. The ground and dispersed material is separated by a dynamic separator to separate the grinding medium and flow out from the discharge pipe.