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The use characteristics and structural design of the disc type horizontal sand mill

- Nov 20, 2018 -

The disc type horizontal sand mill has built-in motor, which is extremely low in noise during operation. The large-capacity cone-shaped grinding chamber is more suitable for the dispersion and ultra-fine grinding of large-volume medium- and high-viscosity products. The grinding beads in the cone cavity change with the angle of reflection, which enhances the round-trip motion of the grinding beads and makes the grinding more uniform.

The disc type horizontal sand mill uses stator, rotor and front plate cooling to expand the cooling area and is suitable for temperature sensitive products. Special separation structure, optional fine grinding beads, the parts inside the grinding chamber and the materials in contact with the material are made of high wear-resistant material.

The disc type horizontal sand mill can be equipped with PLC automatic control system to monitor the whole grinding process and display various parameters in time.