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Ultra-fine basket sand mill with high production efficiency and working principle

- Nov 15, 2018 -

Ultra-fine basket sand mill is the only one that can replace imported equipment in China. The working principle of ultra-fine sand mill is to use the material pump to input the solid-liquid mixture material after pre-dispersion and wetting treatment into the cylinder. Together with the grinding medium in the cylinder, it is agitated by the high-speed rotating distributor, so that the solid particles and the grinding medium in the material have stronger collision, friction and shearing interaction with each other, thereby accelerating the grinding of fine particles and dispersing aggregates. .


The ultra-fine basket sand mill needs to pass through a dynamic separator to separate the grinding medium and flow out from the discharge pipe. The horizontal sand mill is especially suitable for dispersing products with high grinding viscosity and fine particle size requirements. The machine has advanced design and closed continuous production. The product has fine grinding, uniform fineness, good quality and high production efficiency.


The material of the ultra-fine basket sander is produced in a closed state, so that the dry crust and solvent evaporation of the material can be effectively prevented. Double mechanical seal, double protection, zero leakage. The new dynamic separation structure makes the discharge more smooth and less wearing parts.