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What are the common categories of Sand mill in paint industry?

- Oct 24, 2018 -

The sand mill in the paint industry is one of the most important equipments in the industry. Because many paints use the process of dispersion grinding, what are the different types of sand mills in the paint industry? And what are the roles they play?


The two common types of sand mills in the coating industry are horizontal sanders and vertical sand sanders. The difference between them is that the horizontal sand mill has a larger amount of sand, higher grinding efficiency, and relatively easy to remove and wash. At present, the proportion of closed horizontal sanding in the coatings industry is gradually increasing.


The basket sander is also a sander in the paint industry. It is used to place the abrasive paint in a mixing tank, and the basket containing the grinding medium and the stirring knife is grounded and dispersed in the paint. The equipment is mainly suitable for small grinding. Batch, multi-variety product operations, paint pre-mixing, grinding dispersion and coating can be done in the same mixing tank.


There is also a type of Sand mill in paint industry called the three-roll mill, which relies mainly on the gap between the rolls to achieve shear-dispersion of the pigment. Its main feature is its high shear force, which is very suitable for the production of high viscosity paints. In addition, a new type of horizontal nano sand mill is becoming more and more popular, showing zero pollution, fast discharge, no clogging, and high grinding efficiency.