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Working principle and main technical features of disc type horizontal sand mill

- Jan 31, 2019 -

During the operation of thedisc type horizontal sand mill, the liquid-solid mixed material will be transported to the cylinder through the transfer pump. The main shaft drives the dispersing turbine to rotate at high speed and agitates the grinding medium (glass ball, porcelain ball, Zirconium oxide beads, alumina beads, etc., to cause swirling and axial movement, thereby forcibly grinding and dispersing the product.

That is to say, the working pressure and working temperature of the disc type horizontal sand mill can be controlled by itself, so that the product can reach the specified fineness and ensure the safe operation of the whole machine. The product and grinding media are separated by a dynamic discharge gap.

The main technical features of the disc horizontal sand mill can be summarized as follows: built-in motor, low noise during operation; large-capacity structure design, which can realize dispersion and ultra-fine grinding of large-volume medium and high-viscosity products; Uniform; higher expansion cooling area, suitable for material temperature sensitive products; special separation structure, can choose finer grinding beads; parts in the grinding chamber and material contact are made of special high wear-resistant material; optional PLC automatic control system monitors the entire grinding process.