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Design Principle Of Sand Mill

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Sanding Mill, eccentric disc grinding structure, and in a certain order, the system to overcome the traditional grinding media uneven distribution of the shortcomings, so that the grinding media can get the maximum energy transfer, high grinding efficiency, the use of dual-end surface belt forced cooling mechanical seals, good sealing effect, reliable operation.

The separation system uses the large flow LDC dynamic gate slot separator, in the large flow condition will not occur the material mouth blockage, the overflow area reaches, the Gap range 0.05-2.0mm, may use above 0.1mm to grind the medium. The sand mill uses the disc type or the rod pin type, the closed cavity type design, the grinding disc is installed on the stirring shaft in a certain order, overcomes the disadvantage of the uneven distribution of the grinding medium of the traditional horizontal sand grinder, the difference of particle size distribution after grinding, the material enters the grinding cavity under the action of the feed pump, and the entrance design is at the end of the driving connection flange, The flow of materials and mechanical bearings to the opposite end of the side, greatly reduce the mechanical seal under pressure, prolong its service life, in the stirring shaft eccentric disk high-speed operation, material and abrasive medium of the mixture of efficient relative movement, the results of the material solid particles are effectively dispersed, shear grinding, after the dynamic large flow of rotor gap separation filter To get the final product. Depending on the product grinding process is different, can use independent batch cycle grinding, series grinding process.