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Disperser Function

- Sep 06, 2018 -

The dispersing machine is one of the more important dispersing mixing equipments in industrial production. It can not only quickly and uniformly break, disperse and dissolve the materials to be processed, but also mix different materials with each other.

The functions of different types of dispersers are also different, but general dispersers have the following functions:

1 With dispersing and stirring function, the high-speed rotation of the vane shaft drives the rotation of the material to be processed in the container, so that the materials rub and collide with each other during the rotation process, and are broken and dispersed under the action of these forces.

2 With the function of electric lifting, using the lifting and lowering of the dispersing machine, the lifting distance of the dispersing machine can be accurately grasped, which is convenient to use.

3 With stepless speed regulation function, this speed regulation method is not only easy to operate, but also can control the speed more accurately according to different processing needs, and finally achieve the ideal product.