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How The Paint Dispersing Machine Works

- Sep 15, 2018 -

The sawtooth circular dispersing disc of the paint dispersing machine disperses at high speed in the container to complete the solid-liquid dispersion, wetting, depolymerization and stabilization process.

The slurry is subjected to a rolling annular flow to generate a strong vortex, and the surface particles of the slurry spiral downward to the bottom of the vortex;

A turbulent zone is formed at 2.5-5 mm at the edge of the dispersion disk, and the slurry and particles are strongly sheared and impacted;

Two beams are formed outside the area, and the slurry is fully circulated and turned;

The dispersing disc of the dispersing machine is in a laminar flow state, and the slurry layers of different flow rates are mutually diffused to play a role of dispersion.


The paint dispersing machine mainly uses interior wall engineering paint, environmentally-friendly scrubbing wall paint, net taste full-effect wall paint, art paint, natural stone paint and so on. Features of the paint disperser:


1. The paint dispersing machine adopts stepless speed regulation: there are various forms such as electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation and explosion-proof frequency conversion speed regulation. The stepless speed regulation function fully satisfies the process requirements in each production process, and different speeds can be selected according to different process stages. Powders do not contain additives, and materials that require high integrity of the crystal package are not suitable.

2. The dispersing machine has a laminar flow under the dispersing disc, and the slurry layers of different flow rates diffuse each other to play a dispersion role. The high-speed disperser has many functions such as electric lifting and stepless speed regulation.

3. The disperser forms a turbulent zone at 2.5-5 mm from the edge of the dispersion disc, and the slurry and particles are strongly sheared and impacted.

4. Dispersing machine is mainly used for pulverizing, dispersing, emulsifying and mixing liquid raw materials with different viscosity pastes. The high-speed operation of high-speed mixing equipment through high-speed operation of the dispersing discs on the upper and lower sides of the dispersing disc makes high-speed shearing, impacting and crushing of materials. Disperse, achieve the function of rapid mixing, dissolving, dispersing and refining.