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Sand Mill Operations Note

- Aug 14, 2018 -

① for a long time to stop, the boot should be checked before the spread of the media card die. If the coupling is not moving, the pump can be used to enter the solvent. Wait until dissolved before starting.

Do not forcibly start to avoid damaging the friction piece.

② long time to stop, before the boot should check whether the top screen has knot skin paint, if there is, the application of solvent cleaning, so as to avoid the screen blockage caused by roof fall.

③ when the "roof fall". Should immediately stop cleaning the screen, place the sink, adjust the pump speed, reboot. Otherwise, the slurry may invade the spindle bearing and lead to bearing wear, or damage to the slurry pump.

④ in the barrel body without paint and abrasive media is strictly prohibited from starting. When cleaning the cylinder with solvent.

⑤ can rotate slightly and intermittently to avoid the wear of the parts. 

⑥ the use of new sand, should be screened to remove impurities foreign bodies. Sand mill with sand should be regularly cleaned sieving and add new sand.

⑦ observation window should be kept intact to prevent the sand mill from collapsing in the work and causing injury accident.