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Structure Diagram Of Sand Mill

- Aug 14, 2018 -

The rotating spindle of the horizontal sanding machine barrel has multilayer discs.

When the spindle rotates, the grinding medium is driven by a rotating disk to grind the slurry into the barrel, so that the solid material is suitably refined through a filtration gap or a sieve hole that is smaller than the abrasive medium granularity. The cylinder part is provided with a cooling or heating device to prevent the mass of heat affected by the friction of the material, grinding medium and disk, or the effect of the grinding efficiency due to the low fluidity of the slurry being fed. The abrasive medium can be suitable natural sand, also can use the artificial glass bead of 0.1~2 millimeter of grain degree. When the feeding granularity is less than 450 microns, the discharging granularity can reach below 1 microns. The mill in the refinement of the material at the same time, there are dispersion and mixing action, suitable for grinding dyes, pigments, paint coatings, drugs and other suspensions or suspension agent.