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The Development Trend Of Sand Mill

- Aug 14, 2018 -

The progress of the grinding medium separation system with the continuous improvement of the fineness of the product, the size of the abrasive medium is getting smaller.

The separation of small size abrasive media is one of the hardest problems in the research and development of sanding machine. The gap ring used by traditional sand mills (very small over-flow area) and static screen is very difficult to separate the small size medium separation! So more and more uses the dynamic centrifugal separation system. Separation of the rotor driven by the rotation of the medium centrifugal force so that the medium is dumped around the rotor, while the rotor center is mainly slurry, and the separation of the screen layout in the rotor center, the material will be smooth through the screen gap and outflow, will not occur blockage and wear. So the dry air flow classification principle used in the sand Mill media separation is the development of the sand mill history of the technology Leap!