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The Use And Maintenance Of Sand Mill

- Aug 14, 2018 -

1, do a good job before the test preparation.

2, check the installation of the components are solid.

3. The rotation direction of each machine should be in the direction of the arrow pointing (should be the direction of the test).

4, check the cooling water is unobstructed.

5, the Triangle belt adjustment is suitable to start again, after working 50 hours, again adjust again.

6, from the top of the cylinder to add abrasive media.

7, starting the feed pump, input materials to the top of the screen after the material, before starting the host.

8, a longer time after parking, and then start, often due to the material in the solid particles and grinding medium sedimentation and the "card" tight disperser, especially viscous materials at lower temperatures, the "brake" phenomenon is particularly serious. At this point, the motor can not start, the application of the hand in the spindle pulley, "car" supplemented by the importation of a small amount of solvent solvents to the material, so that the material dissolved after the move.

In short, can not be forced to start, lest damage to electrical appliances and the body.

9, the parking time is longer, should clean the sieve the dry material.

10, cleaning the disperser, can only slightly, intermittent rotation, because the dispersant and abrasive medium in the cleaning liquid fast operation is very easy to wear and tear broken.

11, the use of new grinding media should be screened to remove impurities such as fragments of foreign bodies.